110 Ridge Road
P. O. Box 312
Oak Hill, FL 32759-0312

Home Telephone: (386) 345-3168
Cellular Telephone: (407) 491-8348

Hotel Work - Walt Disney World

World Marriott - 2 years
Cocktail parties
Party in the Presidential Suite

Grand Cypress - 5 years
Dinner parties
Cocktail parties
Convention parties

The Palace at Lake Buena Vista
Cocktail parties

The Hilton at Lake Buena Vista
Cocktail and dinner parties

The Swan
Party in the Presidential Suite

Contemporary Hotel

Royal Plaza at Lake Buena Vista
Convention party

House Pianist

Altamonte Springs Hilton 7 years
Stouffer's Resort Hotel 2 ½ years
Omni in downtown Orlando 7 years

House Pianist - Restaurants

Lee's Lakeside on Lake Eola 7 years
Shaffer's in Winter Park 2 years
Chris' House of Beef 6 months
Orlando Navy Base 8 months
Officer's Club dining room

Club Dates

Holiday Inn, International Drive 8 months
1776 Nightclub, International Drive 1 year
Tick Tock (Country and Western) 4 months
Wall Street Plaza Golden Nugget 6 months
Various nightclubs throughout the 15 years
Orlando area

Political Party Events

Congressman Bill McCollum - fund raisers, announcement party, victory party
Governor John Connolly of Texas - barbeque when he was running for President
Senator Paula Hawkins - barbeque
Tom Hurlbert - fund raiser for former Chief of Police of Orlando when he was running for Sheriff
Governor Bob Martinez of Florida - cocktail party

Band Work

Blues Band "Bluez Shoez" 6 months
club dates

Bluegrass Bands "Full House" 2 years
festivals and club dates, TV show

"John Morefield Bluegrass Trio" 2 years
weddings and festivals, TV show

Country "Country Blues" 1 year
& Western club dates

"Missing Link" 6 months
club dates and college concert

Reggae "One-Us" 2 ½ years
club dates and festivals

Rock and Roll "Orlando Rock Band" 7 years
club dates, private parties, college concert, opening act for "Steppenwolfe"


PBS Channel 24 - my blue grass band, "Full House," aired 4 times

Squibb Chemical Company - convention show at Airport Marriott
~4-piece country band
~John Anderson, impersonator
~Choreographer - 12 dancers
~Lights and scenery, costumes
~National touring comedian
~Fiddle soloist

Country Club Engagements

Sweetwater Oaks

Resort Engagements

Marco Island
Innisbrooke, Tarpon Springs
Greenelefe Country Club
South Seas Plantation, Captiva Island


Private parties
Opening act for the "Del Vikings"
Songwriter - member BMI and Local #389 Musicians' Union of Central Florida
Producer - 4 albums of original material
Church choirs all my life - performed my original song "Christmas Lullaby" at St. Paul's Church, New Smyrna Beach, 3 times
Fronted a big band with a girls' (ladies) trio doing Andrews Sisters songs and arrangements at Lake Buena Vista Hilton and Shriners' Grand Cypress Hotel
~Religious songs and music

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