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Leonard Peltier

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Peltier, Leonard - Office of the Defense Committee
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee presents updates on Peltier's health and his case. Suggests ways to support Peltier's cause.

Peltier, Leonard - Leonard Peltier & the FBI
ZPub article outlines the history of the conflict that led to this Native American leader's life imprisonment.

Banks, Dennis - On Leonard Peltier
Co-founder of AIM presents the 1973 Pine Ridge events that led to Peltier's arrest. Banks demands clemency for Peltier based on the case's facts.

Peltier, Leonard - Leonard Peltier Support
Supplies links to Peltier's defense committee and to the FBI's counter intelligence program. Also provides extensive protest contact information.

Peltier, Leonard - Bring Leonard Peltier Home
Advocate of this activist and American Indian Movement member calls for his release from prison.

Peltier, Leonard - The Case of Leonard Peltier
Peruse one person's theories about an FBI conspiracy that allegedly led up to and caused the arrest of this respected Native American activist.

Peltier, Leonard - Free Leonard Peltier
Wisconsin branch of this movement provides a bio of the activist, profiles of appeals made on his behalf and a statement from the man himself.

Petition Online - Clemency for Leonard Peltier
Submit a petition to the president of the US urging clemency for the Native American political prisoner.

Paintings by Leonard Peltier
Presents pictures of paintings created by the Native American political prisoner while in prison for life.

Free Leonard Peltier
Boston area support group for Native American political prisoner provides documents around Peltier's case.

My Life is My Sun Dance
Find excerpts taken from "Prison Writings," a book by Leonard Peltier, an inmate serving time in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Clinton, Bill - CNN, Peltier Blasts Clinton for Not Pardoning Him
Imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier criticized Bill Clinton for not including him in the president's list of pardons.

Advocates the freedom of Leonard Peltier and provides addresses for Peltier and government officials.

Pete's Native Links
Pete supplies a collection of resources that cover Native American history and culture. Find a number of sites dedicated to Leonard Peltier.

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