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Began her musical career at the age of 4 in a gospel trio with her uncle and cousin. An honors graduate in music from Rollins College, Layla has been featured as house pianist at the Altamonte Springs Hilton, the Peabody, the Omni; and has performed gigs at all the major hotels and resorts at the Walt Disney World complex.

She has had the opportunity in her lifetime to hang with some pretty interesting people....poet Allen Ginsburg, Timothy Leary, the Grateful Dead; and she was a member of Abbie Hoffman's wedding party. She has performed for Art Grindle, Sen. Paula Hawkins, Congressman Bill McCollum, Gov, Bob Martinez, Gov. of Texas John Connolly, Rear Admiral Lee Tillotson, and Michael Eisner.

Tim (Bongo) Heuser:
Drums and Vocals.
Tim (Bongo) Heuser - Drums and Vocals.

My music career started in 1991 as the drummer and back-up vocalist for an Elvis Presley Impersonator. I have had the opportunity of performing live with such greats as Thomas McClary (Lead Guitarist) of The Commodores, and Ty Heston (Lead Guitarist) of Bill Haley And The Comets. Ty's nickname was Chuck Fingers. I performed with Ty when he was about 70 years old (circa 1994), and when we played "Rock Around The Clock", his guitar playing sounded better than the original recording of his from 1954! His fingers danced on the guitar strings with ease. May he rest in peace…

Rock 'n' roll Cole was born on Treasure Island in Florida. He got his first guitar when he was 18, and was inspired to play by Martin Barr of Jethro Tull..  When  he moved to Hawaii in search of the ultimate wave, he learned to play guitar in the valleys of Mauna Lolo.  His first band was Shaka and the Howlie-Cats.  Cole's major influences are the Beatles, the Allman Bros, and Eric Clapton.  His ever-present goal is to make the
best of the music.

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